[X] Scripting functions inconsistency

Shouldn't it be "$meta(%Artist%)" instead of "$meta(Artist)"? Every other scripting function calls fields with %'s (at least the ones I have messed with in the past, which is probably 50%-75%)

Perhaps not a bug, rather an inquiry or suggestion.

The difference is how you are using the tag.

Normally you are saying you want the value from the tag, just like in DOS, you say SET X=Y, then when you want the value from X you say %X% (or %X pending the context), in the case of $meta() the value is the name of the tag you are interested in. In most other case you are interested in the value within the tag you are referencing.

When no percentages surround the Tag name, the value being passed is the Tag name itself, where as when percentage are being used, you are saying "replace with the value from tag X"

So for $meta() the usage is consistent, as it will return the value(s) from the tag passed - in a way $meta is a variant of the %x% but with different functionality.

Hope this helps.

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