[X] Setting the "TITLE" of a file

I found a problem by converting the title of a file.
I selected the "Tag - Tag" translation via the right mouse click.

and select "TITEL" from the combo box.
to set a sequence of a album with...
%album% $num(%track%,3)
this will not work!

I've to change the word "TITEL" to "TITLE"

only this will work! And the modification got lost if I try it again.
This is just a minor bug, but may it can be solved in one of the next versions.


Best regards

I bet that there is no bug in the program.
If you can select the field name "TITEL" from the list then you have created that non-standard field before. You should reset the list of fields.

Also, I think that right now you have files with 2 fields:
Check the extended tags for that.
You can salvage the data from TITEL into TITLE with the function Convert>Tag-Tag for TITLE:
Format string: %titel%
Then delete the field TITEL from the extended tags list.

The impression that the modifcation that you applied did not work comes from the fact that you usually see the field TITLE. But as you modified TITEL the modifications are not displayed, the original field TITLE stays the way it was.

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