[X] Single inline tag editing not saved

I noticed that inline tag editing of a single MP3 track is not saved althought MP3Tag it confirms it. This happens in version 2.45a and 2.45b

  1. Load a list of MP3
  2. Choose one track
  3. Choose a tag to edit
  4. Double click - slowly - on the tag to enter inline editing mode
  5. Edit the tag
  6. Don't click anything else and leave the cursor blinking inside the input field
  7. Click the Save button

MP3Tag will report that the tag was correctly saved but as you will notice the edited tag is restored to the old tag.

When edited the choosen tag user must click on an other track and then click the Save button. <_<


... or press [Enter].

This is not a "work around" but the totally general error free standard behaviour since decades of computer operation.

So your bug report sounds to me like misunderstanding and misuse by user.

Regardless what input operation is currently in use, clicking on the "Save" button always triggers Mp3tag to save the current temporary working copy of the entire tag back to the file and returns a status message.

As you have described above your edit work was not completed before pressing the "Save" button.
In other words ... your input was not taken over into the temporary working copy of this tag field you was working on. The blinking cursor demonstrates that no change to the tagfield has been made durable yet.

But once you do "enter" the data into the tag field Mp3tag takes knowledge about the change and is able to use it for the next saving process.

You should be aware that there is also a checkbox option in Mp3tag/Tools/Mp3tag Options/Tags to enable/disable auto saving when leaving a tag field.

But this option in fact cannot do anything against misuse by user.


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