[X] Single quote in export filename causes error

Export to e.g. my'name.htm actually writes to the filename [ SYNTAX

Workaround: replace ' with '' .

Whilst there's no mention of this restriction in Help, this discrepancy is a bug.

It's a format string so ' is treated as special character as explained at http://help.mp3tag.de/main_scripting.html

It's a format string

Evidently so.

Whilst there's no mention of this in Help, this discrepancy is a bug.

I agree with chrisjj. The workaround also doesn't work for me though. For example, the action below gives me the same error because of the single quote:

Format value:
$if($eql(%artist%,Ama'dou & Mariam),African,%genre%)

I tried it with the following workarounds but without a positive result:

  • $if($eql(%artist%,"Ama'dou & Mariam"),African,%genre%)
  • $if($eql(%artist%,Ama"dou & Mariam),African,%genre%)

It this possible in another way or should i stick with my workaround now (removing all the artist in the actions with an ' )

Thanks in advance

the single ' should become a double '
Ama''dou & Mariam
with 2 apostrophes should work

That's a different case, and is expected behaviour give that the string is declared to be interpreted as a format string.

That did work, thanks a lot!!

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