[X] Small Playlist Bug

I load hundreds of similar files with a playlist and only one won't load (Lawyer 2 Lawyer - Law News and Legal To.mp3) ... as further information the same file renamed as Fred 2 Fred - Law News and Legal To.mp3 also won't load from a playlist.

If I rename the file to just fred.mp3 it loads in a playlist just fine.

Notes: This help system would not let me upload an .m3u playlist ... so it's renamed playlist.txt. I included a screendump of the error, which shows the file on my g: drive. The mp3 and the playlist examples I've included are simplified to the c: drive for testing purposes.

Playlist.txt (50 Bytes)

Lawyer_2_Lawyer____Law_News_and_Legal_To.mp3 (5.14 KB)

Following is speculation, lined with evidence.
The filename from your uploaded file looks like this ...



There is a sequence of 4 underline replacement characters (created by this forum interface), ...
where only three characters have to be expected.

Even above in the forum edit view of the quoted text there is the four-character-sequence visible too ...
Lawyer 2 Lawyer - Law News and Legal To.mp3
Note: In view mode the forum software displays two adjacent space characters as one space character!

Maybe there is a writing mistake between the filename in the playlist and the filename on disk.
And therefore the "file cannot be accessed".


I can load this "Lawyer_2_Lawyer____Law_News_and_Legal_To.mp3" to Mp3tag with no problem

Try this: re-write the name of file by yourself [put all signs from the scratch]

My previous remark was intended to point onto a possible writing error by the open poster himself, occurred here in his forum post, and maybe in his data too: ...
there was written a 4-character sequence of "space-dash-space-space" ...
where someone would expect the three character sequence of "space-dash-space", ...
see attached picture. That's all.


I quite agree.
The downloadable text file that apparently should show the original filename also shows that the filename in the text file does not match the filename of the mp3-file.
So, to me it looks like no bug at all but like a user error.
I would set this to "no bug".

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