[X] Something different in Version 2.82 with exporting?

I have been using an earlier version to export tags from over 69000 tracks to a carriage-return row
delimited, vertical-bar field delimited file for import to a SQL Server database. The process was
working well until I installed MP3Tag Version 2.82. Now the SQL Server import is failing to recognize
the vertical bar delimiters in the text file, although the file visually appears to be correctly formatted
in a simple text editor like Notepad. There are typically a fair number of NULL fields, but the vertical
bars seem to be present in the correct positions and field counts look OK.

Did I miss something that has changed in Version 2.82 that would affect this? I like to do an import
of all tag fields and then want to parse the MP3Tag rows into typical relational database tables, but the
SQL Server import process no longer parses the vertical bar delimiters as it did before.

My SQL Server software had not been changed recently. At this point, I am considering uninstalling
v2.82 and reinstalling the earlier version to see of this issue goes away.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

If the mp3tag end looks ok, then you have to check either the import abilities of your data base or see if the data in the records is different, e.g. a subtitle or lyrics have line breaks which could be interpreted as end of record indicators.

I would then export only one file and try to import that.

And you could try a different separator: $char(9) instead of |

And quite honestly: without detailed information about the record structure and the data it is virtually impossible to give any help why your import might work any more - provided it is an Mp3tag problem at all.
As the export itself seems to work, but the export script and the other side for import are completely user-defined, I cannot really see an MP3tag bug.

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