[X] Sometimes, in genre tag show "54" instead of "Electrónica"

I update mp3tag for use mp3tag 2.52. Now I have an problem.

In my mp3 files, sometimes, in genre tag show "54" instead of "Electrónica"
If I edit genre tag and write "Electrónica", in this case, work ok. I talk about that old edited files.

In iTunes show ever "Electrónica", never show "54", so all it's ok.

What is the problem?

PS: In windows 7 explorer I can't read the tags of my mp3 files.

for example this:
(url removed)

In here:
itunes show: Electrónica
mp3tag 2.52 show: 54
windows system explorer show: nothing

Mp3tag shows 52 and that's what's inside the file. I don't know why iTunes shows something else.

Explorer shows nothing because it is a ID3v2.4 tag. It can only show v2.3

ok, but before update, the old version of mp3tag show "Electrónica", not "52", what reason???

I don't think that was happening.
I tried v2.49 and it also shows 52

I don't remember the version, but ALL of my music is tagged with mp3tag. I'm sure that I don't write 54 instead of Electrónica.

Finally I re-tagged all my music:

Mp3tag v2.52

Saved tag in 10850 of 10850 files.


This is a X files


As it happens is "52" the code for the pre-defined "Electronic" genre in V1-tags.
So some clever application on your side probably wrote the genre-code instead of the verbose representation.

mmmm I think you're right. I was testing various audio / video players and it is possible that they scanned the directory itunes or my music file! !!FUKK!!

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