[X] Sort by disk number does not work well

Hi, when I try to sort my files by disk number, it does not sort them in alphabetical order. The other columns work well but this does not

Give us some examples what your discnumbers look like.

I wonder about "alphabetical" order because it is a tagfield for numbers.
Heres the definition:

Check if you have ticked "sort by ... numeric" in the column definition.

Ok, I think the problem is that it orders by numbers.
The problem is that there I put the references of the discs. for example "DOG 001", "BM 81-125", "TRAX 0125".
Would there be a possibility that I would order by numbers and letters?

The standard for ID3 tags defines the track field as numeric.
So going by the letter, you use an illegal format.
There is a field for DISCNUMBER.
You can create user-defined fields that you can use to sort (as I would not use a non-standard data format for TRACK).
How do you want to sort? Alphabetically? Then untick "numerical".

okey. i'm so sorry. i didn't see the numeric option in settings. problem fixed! thank you

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