[X] Sort InOperative for "Discnumber" column

Greetings! Running w7sp1x64 and MP3Tag (currently v2.78) forever. Have used the column header sort function many times without issue but this is the first time I ever tried to sort on the "Discnumber" column... the Topic Title says it all.

Is this by design or just an anomaly I've never come across before?

Thanks for any help with this...

Edit: it sorts just fine with pure numbers used but not with alphanumerics (ie, CD01, etc.)

The field discnumber is by definition just a plain number field. Adding other characters leads to an invalid format. The alleged failure of a function on an invalid input is hardly a bug.

You could check the definition of the column. If you have ticked "numeric" it is likely that CD01 translates to 0 just like CD02 as "c" is not numeric".
See if unticking "numeric" leads to a different sort result.

ohrenkino, thank you very much for your response... indeed the problem is not a bug, it is a cockpit problem :wink: .

After my many years of MP3Tag usage, I never realized that the COLUMN SORT could be "adjusted" for numeric only (the DEFAULT for the Discnumber column) or alphanumeric... a lesson well learned on my part.

Thanks again!

As the field DISCNUMBER transports the implication that it is actually a disc number (just like the track has the meaning to be the number of the track on an album), you may as well remove "CD" from your data, so that you are left with just a number.
You can use an action of the type "Replace" to remove the "CD" from DISCNUMBER.

Did both before my previous post... dropped the NUMERIC sort option and all sorted fine, AND added the NUMERIC sort back and renamed them all to pure numbers.

All works well now...

PS- it would not sort at all when NUMERIC was set and field was alphanumeric, FYI.

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