[X] Sound Forge toolbar after tag replace

After replace tag and filename (Standart, CD-R, Case conversion), filename has such view
in Sound Forge 8.0d toolbar.
What is this?
Win XP 3 SP
Mp3tag v 2.43
What I do mishandle? And what I corrected this error?
Before replace all filenames viewed correct!

Working with the program Sound Forge 10, I came across a nasty and I do not understand a thing!
Namely, if you change something in the file format of the music in flac, in some Files, then lost all the tags, and some remain intact! Observed only if only at the top of the file is recorded as [filename], the tags disappear anyway (even when save as .. and save the tagged metadata), and if recognized as a [title], then the tags will not change! What has no matter in what format tags are written - in the UTF-8 or any other.
What is it and most importantly how to deal with it?
Winamp to handle files reflect all as it should: track number, artist name, and time. After a course where there is no tag reflects the name of the file.

ps CD images are divided and encoded in flac mainly on Xrecode II, tags are written primarily on Mp3Tag v 2.4x in UTF-8 or ISO 8859-1
Links to these programs and the ability to read tags Sound Forge I do not watch - does as he wants!

Flac file examples: http://failiem.lv/down.php?i=msbursy&n=Pa_vienam.rar
Alphaville and the Stray Cats Tags are maintained, but the rest of the SF any conservation Tags will be deleted! Besides opening for SF this tag to see. Adobe Audition to do as you please - Tags remain

I would like to remind you that this is the mp3tag forum and it is very hard to see what the problem has to do with mp3tag as you use a zoo of other programs that all will have their intricacies.

What I would recommend to check: do you really need V2.4 tags as they frequently cause compatiblity problems.
Also: what kind of tags do you read and write besides V2.4 (although V2.3 would be better)? APE? If so, then try to get rid of the APE tags. Mp3tag handles tags as follows:
So it could be that your APE tags overrule/overwrite the MP3tags.

Mostly all the tags are written by Mp3tag 2.4x. So here asking questions. All my music is only the flac format.
Or you can not see Attach files directly or not there is a problem directly with the same tags in files?

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