[X] Strange mp3 edting problem

I do not get it after editing mp3 with Mp3tag v2.46a other tag editing software still can see the edited tags.
What is going on?
Here is my original post on another forum http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r23980157-...-Mp3tag-problem

as you do not specify what kind of other program you are using it could be that that program relies on a proprietary database that has not been updated and so shows the content of the database instead that of the track?

I am using MediaMonkey http://www.mediamonkey.com/

could it be that your tracks feature the APE-tag?
(if so search this forum for APE and how to remove the tags if you want to have clean mp3 tags).
You can easily determine this if you select an unwilling track and open the extended tag view. If it says something like APE in the window title you have the culprit.

Thing is this problem never occurred using older version of Mp3tag :unsure:

I did what Florian suggested and seems to have worked for me
will try a few albums and see if it holds

Thanks kindly for your help :rolleyes:

Its a pleasure as always!!
love these smilies :sorcerer:

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