[X] "Strange" use of \ in filenames


I just tried your program (which I found very good indeed :smiley: ), when I just seems to catch a bug : during a rename of files from the mp3 tags, I just use a form like this

%artist%\\%album%\$num(%track%,2) - %title%

instead of the default

%artist% - %album% - $num(%track%,2) - %title%

Result : the files disapeared ...

Some infos to track this (I suppose) bug :

  • My system : Win XP Pro SP2 (French)

  • The files were classified like this :

    but this time, I wasn't having the good Album Title, and the directory Album doesn't exist yet.

  • The program directory was set to C:\MP3s\Artist

  • There were only one album directory in C:\MP3s\Artist

  • All of the tracks were selected when renaming occurs

  • After this I've re-tested the feature and found that if I specified the whole path for renaming scheme, it worked fine :w00t: . The scheme looked like

    C:\MP3s\%artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2) - %title%
    Even the Album directory was created fine !

  • I've alse re-tested the renaming feature with only one track, and the scheme like

    %artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2) - %title%
    Result : creation of a directory C:\MP3s\Artist\Artist\Album\file.mp3 ==> this I don't understand :flushed:. Just before this test, i've re-created the initial situation (only one Album directory in C:\MP3s\Artist, and nothing else than the mp3 files to rename in C:\MP3s\Artist\Album, although the good Album directory, from mp3 Tag, isn't created yet).

  • I don't find the disapeared files ... Neither Norton Disk Doctor nor Scandisk finded a problem in partition tables (supposed to be a bad named file who can't be seen ...). I suppose they were deleted ...

If you must have more informations, just tell me ! See you and good luck !

I can't see, why your files should be deleted using this formatstring. As long as you can't reproduce it, I'll count this as "No bug".

If you specify the creation of folders within the formatstring as in %artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2) - %title% without giving an absolute folder path, Mp3tag creates these folders below the current working directory.

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