[X] Suspicious AVG prompts with v2.73 installer

I just downloaded mp3tagv273setup.exe from this website. When I run the installer it tries to open many different system processes (antivirus, windows processes, browser, etc)(see attached image). Why does it do this? I never saw this before when installing previous releases.

Hi Daryl,

I think you've downloaded something different. Can you please use the direct link


and check if it behaves correctly on your system?

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Hi Florian,
Thanks for the quick reply.
I downloaded directly from your link. I still got a couple zone alarm popups like the attached screen shot, but I just denied the access and it installed ok.

Then when I start Mp3tag, I get another zone alarm alert (attached).

It's normal that Mp3tag opens a Webpage (only one time) after install. (Sorry I forgot the page it opens maybe another member can link the correct webpage ?)

So it's correct that your Security Product warns you but my guess you have set it "Paranoid" :smiley: maybe enable "Learning Mode" if your AV solution has it ?

If you don't trust a program, upload it to Virustotal and let it check with more then 50 AV solutions.

Link: https://www.virustotal.com/

Ps: Here the analysis for Mp3tag273setup.exe (downloaded from THIS site)


Edit: A Personal request to Florian would be to list the SHA1 Checksum of the installer on the Download page, so after Download you can compare it. :slight_smile:

The installer and the actual program file are signed with a code signing certificate. You can press [Alt+Enter] on the file in Windows Explorer and check the digital signatures.

I went through a long process with the certification authority to verify my identity before getting this code signing certificate. In my view, it's currently the only reliable means to really know whether the file downloaded is the correct file.

Kind regards

Thanks. Yes, accessing firefox to display a "install succeeded" web page makes sense. I do trust the mp3tag authors. But I still wonder why the installer is opening the AVG antivirus process and other systems processes. In any case, I installed 273 and it's working fine. We'll see what 274 brings. :slight_smile:

PS. Mp3Tag is a Great app. My Thanks to the authors.

Have you checked the digital signature using the steps I've described above?

FYI, the web page that is displayed after successfully installing Mp3tag is a local HTML file from Mp3tag's help system which highlights the latest changes. For your reference, this file is also available online at https://docs.mp3tag.de/getting-started/release-notes

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Yes, I just checked the signed certificate on the downloaded installer file. It is correct.

I uninstalled then reinstalled v273. When I ran the installer with Run-As-Administrator, there are no Zone Alarm alerts.

I guess my original problem is that I did not install with Run-As-Administrator privilege. My mistake.

Thanks again for your help.

You are 100% correct, sorry that I forgot that :huh:

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