[X] Tag - Filename bug with %discnumber% and %track% tags

Hi Florian, I've found a bug in v2.81 when Converting Tag - Filename with the %discnumber% and %track% tags.

Bug is this: if the discnumber is "1/2" and track number "1/12" for example, the tags convert to "12" and "112" respectively. What they should convert to is just the part before the slash, i.e. "1" and "1" respectively.

Because the discnumber you have is 1/2 and the number of the track is 1/12 it would be a bug, if MP3Tag would only part of the content of this placeholder.
So it takes both, the part before and after the slash but without the slash because this character is not allowed in a windows-filename.

If you want the converter to take only the part before the slash you have to tell him so, for instance with a format-string like
$num(%track%,2) - %artist% - %title%

Just an amendment: you could see that MP3tag really only left out the illegal character when you enclose the format string in a $validate() function, e.g.
$validate(%track% - %artist% - %title%,_)
where the illegal characters get replaced by an underscore.
This would even take care of the artist "AC/DC".

Hi Florian, please consider this a feature request, since other software such as Advanced Renamer can directly extract track "x" of "y" tracks when it shows as "x/y" in mp3tag.

For example, with Advanced Renamber I can use the simple expression " " to get a standard result like "01 Highway To Hell".


I personally would find it irritating and confusing if only for creating a filename Mp3Tag would treat especially the track-placeholder different from other placeholders or different from other treatments.
It also would not be possible to use the complete content of the placeholder anymore.

Therefore it would be nececcary to define a new placeholder get this stripped content directly and not the placeholder %track%.

If you are happy with that program: use it.
(I still wonder what that program does with "AC/DC").
The feature you request is already there - use the advice from user poster.

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