[X] Tag - Filename fails if last character in filename is a blank

Hi, since some versions of mp3tag (sorry, can´t remember exactly) I sometimes get an error message like:
"the file (...) is a read only file - Shall mp3tag disable the write protection of this and any following read-only files yes/no/cancel".
After clicking "yes", another message is displayed:
"File (...). The system cannot find the specified file abort/retry/ignore".

The file is definitely not read-only (not before and not after the renaming operation), but has a blank as the last character of the filename (before .mp3):
e.g. "Rage against the machine - The battle of Los angeles - 01 - .mp3"

The most interesting part of this behaviour is, that mp3tag displays the file WITHOUT the blank:
(see the attached part of a screenshot).

When manually removing the blank in the filename, everything works fine (even without refreshing the file-list!).

PS: mp3tag is a very nice piece of software - keep up!

Can't seem to reproduce that here with several FLAC files. Mp3tag displays the blank before the extension and tag / filename editing works flawlessly.

Hi again,
I did some investigation and it seems that the error occurs only if some mp3tag actions were applied before the renaming.
I did not realize that because I use some macros (thanks to my cherry cymotion master solar) to get the tags from freedb and automatically apply a set of actions and rename the files afterwards.
Because all chars other than standard ascii are replaced or removed by an mp3tag action, it is likely to have some filename with a space as the last character (e.g. if there was an "space-exclamation mark-combination" in the original freedb answer).


all chars other than standard ascii are replaced or removed by an mp3tag action

chrhei, I'd really like a copy of that action. My best attempt is an action group with an action for each individual char to remove, and hence it inevitably incomplete.

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