[X] Tag Info. cannot be read back after normalizing sound level or saving tag info. in Apple iTunes‏

Dear Author,

I am the user of your Mp3tag application. The 1st thing I have to thanks for your contribution of this very useful tool, but there is a very annoying problem that the tag info. I have edited in Mp3tag 2.43 (writen into format: APE, ID3 v2.4 UTF-8) cannot be read back (text boxes show blank) in Mp3tag after normalizing sound level or saving tag info. in Apple iTunes 8.1.1.

Hope that you can solve this issue for the users, I am looking forward to your reply. Thanks again!

User from Hong Kong - WilsonC

p.s.: I have attached my settings for your reference!

Don't use APE tags on mp3 with iTunes.
Also use ID3v2.3 utf-16 because with 2.4 utf-8 you will get problems with embedded pictures and iTunes.

So in Options > Tags > Mpeg disable APE in Read and Write
and if you want you can also delete the APE tags.

Dear Dano,

Thanks for your reply. I have followed your suggestion to use back the ID3v2.3 UTF-16. However, I can finally restore most of the tag info. and cover arts by saving the tag of the same mp3 file twice, but the unsynchronized lyrics saved in ID3v2.4 UTF-8 previously have shown the "?" and blank spaces characters for chinese and japanese in the field "%unsyncedlyrics%" (I have already checked the option for both ID3v2.3 UTF-16 & APE2 for writing section). I think it should be the incompatibility codepage for ID3v2.3 UTF-16. I am now fixing the problem by loading the lyrics files again which are pre-saved as UTF-8, but I have nearly a thousand of mp3 files need to be re-worked like this! :astonished:

I suggest to add a new function for converting the existing ID3v2.4 UTF-8 embeded unsync lyrics to the filed "%unsyncedlyrics%" (It should be only support UTF-8) internally or automatically to minimize the duplicated tagging work of the users. Thanks again!

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