[X] Tag Panel Default Values inconsistent

Hi - am new to Mp3tag (v2.45c) and am finding it very useful.

When I select multiple files, in the tag panel certain tags are labelled as , and others show the existing value.
I looked in Tools/Options/Tag Panel/Default Values to see how this is setup
In that window I see that all the fields (that can be set) are marked as
I therefore expect that when I select multiple files, those fields will all be labelled
But only some of them are.
As far as I can tell the following fields are correctly labelled as
Title , Track , Composer
But the following fields are not labelled as and they are updated
Artist , Album , Year , Genre , Comment

Hope this problem isn't just me not understanding the settings.


Only fields with different content are marked as .

For fields with the same content, the field's content is displayed. This has the same effect as but also provides the additional information so that the user knows that all files in the selection have the same field content.

Hi Florian, thanks for the support.

I still have an issue with this. I changed the date field to 1974 in my tags (because that, to me, is the correct date)
The data from Amazon.com shows the date as 1994 because that is when the CD was created.
Now when I go to Amazon.com, I expected to see the date field labelled as , but it is not.
If I go ahead with the data import, the date will now change to 1994.

only applies to changes you make by using the Tag Panel.

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