[X] Tag Panel does not register change done in the main window

Here is how you replicate this time and clicks stealing bug:

0] Make the Tag Panel visible

1] Load for example 10 files that does not have any content in tag fields

2] Select the first file from the list in the main window

3] Click for example "ALBUM" tag field, so that you can edit it. You need of course have it displayed as one of the Columns

4] Write to it "New Title". Do not press Enter

5] Then press SHIFT and select any number of files with mouse pointer. You should have now at least two files being selected, one of which is the one that was edited. And you should see the edited content as already being saved- the ALBUM column should display for the first file the "New Title" which you have just written

6] Now go to Tag Panel with mouse pointer, navigate to the triangle mini-icon in the ALBUM tag field and click it

7] You should see only "< blank >" and "< keep >". And this is the bug

At executing point 5 the data has already been accepted and even displayed by Mp3tag- in the main window where the files are listed. So there is no reason for the Tag Panel not to be aware of this. The list should already contain

< blank >
< keep >
New Title

But instead of this Mp3tag requires from user to click somewhere else after changing / entering new data in the main window, loosing selection of the first file [the one that had the data changed]. Because only then making a selection of files have a sense- in that the Tag Panel will display "New Title" as an option [under condition the file with this "New Title" will be re-selected]. So the user cannot speed up process of renaming album by changing it just one time in the main window and then simply then selecting all of the file from that album and neatly navigating to Tag Panel for the purpose of distributing [coping] the new name on all of the files by selecting there the new version from the drop down list- because it is not [yet] there [as it should]

It also works with data that is already there.
As long as the edit mode for a field is not concluded in the regular way (enter, tab, click into another field), the tag panel does not get an update.
You can open the extended tags dialogue in this state and that reflects the change in the field.
Closing the extended tags dialogue (even without any further changes) updates the tag panel.

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I've tried to reproduce what you've described here. Changing one field in the file list and selecting multiple files (including the one edited) by using Shift + Mouse Click results in all entries listed in the Tag Panel dropdown of the edited field.

And all that time you did not let got of the edited file? And you did not press Enter to save the change?

I tried this one more time on MP3s, FLACs, WVs and TTAs. I tried on completely empty fields and already with data [thus altering it and not providing from a scratch]. I tried basic fields like ALBUM, extended like ORIGARTIST and made up by me. The bug is there

And if I understood that correctly

there is a confirmation of it from another user

As long as the edit mode in the file list has not been concluded prior to extending the selection the modified data is not included in the dropdown list of the corresponding field in the tag panel - only the previous entry is in the list.

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