[X] Tag Truncation

I am finding tags truncated at 30 characters.

For example, I set the album field to "Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track"

Windows Explorer, Properties and Media Center report the Album Field as "Saturday Night Fever: The Orig". I can use their Interfaces to update the field and they will then show the complete Album title.

I have tried setting just Write ID3v2 and I have tried setting write both ID3v2 and ID3V1. Neither setting changes how this works.

Perhaps I don't understand the options for MP3TAG, but reading the documentation hasn't given me any clues.

I am using Mp3tag v2.36

Go to Options > Tags > Mpeg and change from ID3v2.4 to ID3v2.3

Thanks for the help. Would anyone want to explain to me why this should fix the problem?

The programs you mentioned can't read ID3v2.4

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