[X] TAGS are showing little squares in Itunes


Hi Thanks for the mega program.

I recently updates to version 2.36. When I modified some tags I now get a little square at the end of most tags.

It only happened since 2.36.

I have rolled back to 2.32 again and the problem is fixed..

The problem does not appear in Winamp. It shows only in Itunes as far as I can see.

If I overwrite the last word with another random word and then re-enter the overwritten word the problem is resolved.

Hope you can help.

I have attached a screen print.


I have the same problem, happens only in the new version.


Please use the search function of the forum next time you post - this has been discussed over and over. iTunes has problems with Unicode ID3v2.4 tags. Try using ID3v2.3.

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