[X] Tags Disappear (ID3)

I've noticed a very strange bug. When using the foobar2000 player and alterting tags with it, MP3Tag will no longer read tags from the altered file(s). Now, I don't think it's an issue with Foobar itself as, after altering the tags with Foobar, I've checked the files in both Tag&Rename and The Godfather. Both of these tag editing programs read the tags fine.

I know fixing this will probably require huge changes to the ID3 (I didn't try it with APE tags) reading library thingo you use now, but I really prefer MP3Tag to all the alternatives. :frowning:


Maybe foobar2000 is set to write APEv2 tags only and MP3Tag only reads the ID3v2 tag. Check out your read and write options in MP3Tag, as well as foobar2000 (Preferences -> Playback -> Input -> Standard inputs).

Nope. It's set to ID3v2 + ID3v1.

I despise APE tags. I don't even see the purpose of them...

Read this

Ah, I see. Is there any chance of implementing UTF-16 in the near future? Thanks anyway. :smiley:

No it's not planned. It would require a really big effort AFAIK.

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