[X] Tags gets cleared out when window is inactive and you reselected the track list name

This bug exist like forever. Apparently MP3Tag doesn't keep the imported or selected track/item when you select other window or the MP3Tag window get inactive. Then going back you still can type to the tags, but when you're about to save it, the buttons are greyed out, so you make sure you selected the real thing but when you reselect the item/track, it gets freakin cleared out.

Please fix this. This is some usability bug. This exist like forever on MP3Tag. I am annoyed on that workflow bug

I can't reproduce it here:

  • selected a file, tags are displayed, buttons are not greyed out
  • switch focus to desktop, Mp3tag looses focus
  • switch back to Mp3tag, tags are still displayed and buttons are not greyed out

Anything missing?

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That described "bug" is the normal behavior

I forgot how to do it, but I too way very angry at it when it was happening, for years. But somehow I imprinted to my mind how to avoid it a now I get it only once per few weeks

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