[X] Tags go blank after saving

I have a strange problem. It started occuring some time ago, and I was hoping it would get fixed, but it has survived several new versions, so I finally decided to report it. I select some files, change some tags and save. Suddenly all the tags go blank in some of the files! Often the first one, but sometimes several. If I exit, these tags are saved as blank. If I click on the files, the values of the tag come back!

Win 7-64 and v2.73.


Geez Luweez, that screen-shot is practically useless. :wink:
Any important information is hidden!

What file extensions are involved?
What tags are written and read?

Attach a screenshot of Options > Tags > Mpeg.

And change your profile information if you're really using v2.73.

I observed this behaviour when I have WMP and MP3tg running simultneaously and WMP updates the library (which is almost always the case).
If you add a network drive or a drive connected via USB, it becomes worse.
The remedies are: close the other program that access the same files and/or press F5 after each save to refresh.

Dear Ohrenkino,

Of course! Thanks!!! I should have suspected that WMP was the culprit

You're totally right about the problem being worse on a USB drive. I'm just curious, why would that make a difference?

It seems to be a timing problem. WMP blocks the access to the currently scanned files. And as USB is slower than SATA the blocking periods become longer.

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