[X] Tags not updated in the first file in a sub directory


My first post.

I did look to see if it is has been reported but could not find any.... why does it happen to me, hate computers...

Running on Vista with Mp3tag v2.69

I know I can work around it, but can someone check that it is not just my PC / or me. :wink:

I bought a set of 13 DVD talking books LOTR, the PC RIP made a mess so it needs fixing.

I have screen shots if needed. Not attached at present.

Please can someone try this test
1/ create a top level directory with say 3 sub directories (mine is 13 subs with about 6 mp3s in each)
2/ put a bunch of MP3s in each subdirectory
3/ use Mp3tag and load up the top level directory
4/ use convert tags and change ALL title = filename and artist to something
5/ should look ok in Mp3tag, not a problem

6/ check the properties of the second subdirectory first file and the tags are blank
7/ first subdirectory OK but all others missing tags on first file

The way I did it was to
I used explorer search for *.mp3 and add columns to the display.

Looks like a code LOOP problem to me

I will be back on Tuesday 5th May.

Always loved the software, but don't use it much (I seem to think it was nearly 10years ago I first used it)


If you write V2.4 tags, then Windows Explorer won't show them. WE only handles V2.3 tags and lower.
It is not quite clear where you miss the data.
If you see it in MP3tag, then everything should be fine.
If MP3tag does not display the first file, check if you have (unvoluntarily) something defined as filter.
Press F3 to disable the filter.

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