[X] Tags: Read ID3v2, Write ID3v1 = all tags gone

Well I found another one, it took me more than an hour to locate but here it comes;

Options Mpeg:
Read: ID3v2 (I only wanted to see files with the extended v2 tags)
Write: ID3v1 (kinda odd combination butt possible to do)
I discovered this bug by mistake will changing between ID3v1 and ID3v2 look-ups. For each of my folders that I do a clean up, I look first for ID3v1 Comments (Read only ID3v1 tags); clean up, Save, Refresh,... then ID3v2 Comments: clean up, Save, Refresh,... in this sort of jobs of continuos changing between Tags Read/Write options, I had by accident this combination of Read/Write option.

So what happened?
I selected all my files in a folder beginning with A, then Alt-T and remove the tag Comment Itunnorm: then OK. I tought all my A*.mp3 files were cleaned from the tag 'Comment Itunnorm', but NO! I found 34 files all lost complete their ID tags, thats all the files containig ID3v1 tags not only those beginning with A from my original selection! It must has something to do with the tag 'Comment Itunorm' not being supported in ID3v1.

No, you've simply told Mp3tag to read the ID3v2 tags on those files where there was no ID3v2 tag.

This way the files had an empty tag which was saved to the ID3v1 tag of the files.

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Can be true but that's still no reason to also save an empty tag to all my files in the current folder.
I had marked only files beginning with an 'A' (A*.*) but after the change also other (non marked) files had there tags erased!

So, is this one a bug or not?

No bug as the marker in the topic title states.

I think you don't follow me completely, maybe I wasn't that clear in my discription.
I have Option checked for: Read ID3v2 en Write ID3v1. I marked a few files from the current list with ID3v2 tags (Option Read ID3v2). Also there were other files in the list without ID3v2 tags (only ID3v1) but these we're not selected.
Then I press Alt-T to clean tags in the selected files, I removed the tag 'Comment ItunNorm' and saved this. From that moment I noticed that the files with only ID3v1 tags had all there tag info deleted! I can't see any reason why those files were not even selected before I used Alt-T. I hope you understand this, please try again.

Sorry, but saving tags to files which are not selected is simply not possible and I think you can't provide step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce it.


I think you're right, I can't reproduce it again now.
Maybe I was misled by the this: each time you change the options of which tags you want to read or write you have to click Refresh manually, or otherwise you still have the list as it was before you changed any Options. If you a list with tracks with a mix of tag sorts: ID3v1, ID3v2, APE... it is easy to get confused.
Maybe it is a good idea to automatically do a refesh (or at least ask to do it) if you make a change at the Options Tags Read/Write settings. Like this you will always have an actual list view to correspondents with the Option settings.

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