[X] Tagsize info / padding questions

Tagsize info
In v2.16 the tag size of an "empty" file is 0 b. That is in v2.45 in case of mp3 also 0, but case of ogg is 72 b. Why? (All the Vorbis tag sizes looks biger in v2.45...) (not tested other types yet)

Deleting the tag (ID3v2) from mp3 files works fine, but case of ogg only the content of the tag deleted. If it "big", then the padding decreased 2120 b, else, if it was tinier, remain the tagsize...

Anyway, anyhow... I cann't understand the importance of the padding in the era of multi core CPUs and 7200rpm HDs. If I reckon any little correction of my tags in the nearly future (practicaly no time at all), then would be good enough only few bytes, approx and max 64. Case of big addings (e.g. cover, lyrics) usually that 2 kb will not big enough. OK, that may I write a tag in more steps; than helps me more if I can allocate a rough guess size for tag making. Other hand, usually making tags into virgin files, so padding takes no advantage, beim erstemal doch ganz egal, how much data written: 10 b or 10 kb; it helps only if encoder makes it...

So, it would be nice if there were option to controll at least the size of the intented tag, or limit of padding, or, I wish more, to decide to use it or not (like in earlier versions).

Furthermore: the deleting of such tags like ID3v2/Vorbis should be carried out two ways: deleting only the content (Ctrl+R), more or less that happens now with ogg files -- vs. completly deleting the tag, release its space (e.g. Shft+Ctrl+R), as happens with mp3 files. And hence, it should not depend on file type, even more the place of tag in the file.

The placeholders %_tag_size_prepended% / %_tag_size_appended% have two different meanings for Ogg Vorbis files. The former contains the actual tag size (and is 0 in case no tag is present) whereas the latter represents the size of padding.

Padding is useful in case you need it and if you don't, it doesn't harm.

Yes, it's useful theoretically: if I would change the tag and also change it's size -- not when I make it. At making of tag, it's equal, use padding or not, while not padded place for it before. Btw, with today's computers not mesurable the difference (I mean so tiny), except of very-very large number files -- but that case, write padding means more time-consumption by writing more bytes.

OK, padding doesn't harm. I just don't like it, and would like to shelve anyway -- becouse nowadays it doesn't serve any recognazible purpose, just a think of the past.

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