[X] Text file - Tag filename / path matching inconsistency


Version: 2.37a

Apologies if I'm wrong about this, but...

... it appears that using %_filename% to cross-reference text file entries doesn't work yet %_path% does when the number of lines in the text file doesn't match the number of files selected.

Using %_filename% (and just the file name without an extension in the text file) in this scenario results in Mp3tag ignoring the file name and applying the tags to the first n files that are selected, where n is the number of lines in the text file.

Using %_path% (with the full path in the text file) works as expected.

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Only %_path% (complete file path) and %_filename_ext (filename including extension) are available to match entries from text files.

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Thanks for the clarification. Great piece of software.



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