[X] "Text File to Tag" doesn't work

It seems that "Text File to Tag" doesn't since prior versión to 2.58.

After you select the pattern to use, if you click the ok button, nothing happens.


I have no problem.
Could you supply the first line of your textfile and show us the pattern you use?

recently used this with 2.57 and 2.58 and worked fine.

OK, now it's fixed.

I tried uninstalling the program without deleting the config files with no luck.

Then, I uninstalled the program AND the config files. That's the trick. Now it works properly.

Probably something was wrong after one update...

Version 2.70

I have been trying to use “Text file – Tag” unsuccessfully for several days, unable to see what I was doing wrong.

Per the help files I tried this.

Line in file: Artist / Title / Album / Year
Format string: %artist% / %title% / %album% / %year%

But that doesn’t work, I also tried this.

Line in file: Artist/Title/Album/Year
Format string: %artist%/%title%/%album%/%year%

But that doesn’t work either.
Then I tried comma delimited text.

Line in file: Artist,Title,Album,Year
Format string: %artist%,%title%,%album%,%year%

This works just fine.
Am I doing something wrong, or is this a real bug?

I can find nothing wrong.
I just tried a file with the contents

416 5 conspiracy theories/69 Eyes/Sweet Nothing Play Hard
America/Mellow Trax/View From The Ground
Baggi Begovic/Baggi Begovic & Funkerman/Good God
Baggi Begovic/Baggi Begovic; Soul Conspiracy ft. Caprice/So Into U Vinyl

and the format string
and the preview shows:

"E:\69 Eyes\2004 - Sweet Nothing Play Hard\Sweet Nothing Play Hard _ 001 _ 416 5 Conspiracy Theories _ Lost Boys.mp3" ->
artist: 416 5 conspiracy theories
Composer: 69 Eyes
Album: Sweet Nothing Play Hard

"E:\America\1982 - View From The Ground\America _ View From The Ground _ 000 _ Out the Blue [Xilent Remix].mp3" ->
artist: America
Composer: Mellow Trax
Album: View From The Ground

"E:\Baggi Begovic\2008 - Good God\Baggi Begovic _ Good God _ 003 _ Good God [Baggi Begovic & Soul Conspiracy Remix].mp3" ->
artist: Baggi Begovic
Composer: Baggi Begovic & Funkerman
Album: Good God

"E:\Baggi Begovic\2008 - Good God\CD 1\2008 - So Into U Vinyl\Baggi Begovic _ So Into U Vinyl _ 002 _ So Into U [Peter Gelderblom Remix].mp3" ->
artist: Baggi Begovic
Composer: Baggi Begovic; Soul Conspiracy ft. Caprice
Album: So Into U Vinyl

Which is just what I expected.

So what was it that did not work?

Following from your examples 1 and 2, it could be that one or more slash character did not fit.
Maybe you have confused characters ...
"Solidus / U+002F" or "Fraction slash / U+2044" or "Division slash / U+2215".

See also ...


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