[X] Title bar displays incorrect path after removing files

I’m in the process of upgrading my digital music files from MP3 to FLAC. Toward that end, I am often loading both MP3 and FLAC copies of tracks, which usually exist in different paths, and sometimes different drives/volumes on my computer, into the program. Once loaded, I might, for example, select both copies of a track and click on drop-down arrows for tags which differ between the two copies in order to set them to the same values. After doing that sort of work, I sometimes remove the MP3 copies from MP3Tag’s window, and go on carrying out further customizations of tags for the FLAC copies.

After going through the process described above today, I noticed that MP3Tag’s window title bar continues to display the path for the MP3 tracks which were previously loaded, but have since been removed. It doesn’t really affect anything for me, just incorrect information.

MP3tag shows the current work directory in the window title and - if you have that display in the tag panel - in the directory box of the tag panel.
Removing files from the files list does not change that (as you have noticed).
The working directory is the directory of the files that you have loaded last.

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