[X] title field in wrong case


first i would like to say thanks for this great app! i will donate again soon! anyway, i have noticed in this update that when i enter data in the title field the tag is changed from "Title" to "title". i dunno if its a bug but its kinda annoying. i cant seem to find anything in the settings that can remedy this. also, is there a way to a select list of tags in a one click fashion? thnx in advance.

Field names vary depending how Flac tag is saved

What audio format?
Where do you see title instead of Title?


thnx for the reply. it happens in both flac and mp3, but i think that it has something to do with dBpoweramp. i dunno but only the title tag seems to be affected.

here are some images.


edited using mp3tag:

i edited all fields yet only the "Title" was was modified into lower case.

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