[X] Title has "/" - > Filename

First let me thank you for Mp3tag. Perhaps, one of the best software ever written...

Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium
Mp3tag v2.58

I would like to report the following behavior, which might me classifies as a "bug":

For an MP3, when its title has " / ", that is, / with one space before and after, and Converting Tag - Filename, then the generated Filename, is the same, with the / been removed. So the Filename has 2 spaces in between. Example:

Title: Word1 / Word2
Generated Filename: Word1 Word2 (2 spaces)

But, for an MP3, with title containing "/", but with no spaces before and after, the generated Filename, is the same with the / been removed again. Example:

Title: Word1/Word2
Generated Filename: Word1Word2

So, its just not so nice. Perhaps, it would be better if it just replaced "/" with a space in this second situation?
Like: Word1 Word2

What do you say? And if there is a workaround for this issue, could you kindly tell me?


The function $validate() is able to make a text string valid to be used as a name in the filesystem.
Read there ...
Character remapping during conversion?


Thanks! That worked for me. I just integrated the $validate() into my format string and inserted dashes in the filenames, in place of the invalid chars. My filenames look much better now :slight_smile:

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