[X] Track number assistant broken in 2.35n?

The subject's title pretty much says it all: I have problems using Mp3tag 2.35n's Track number assistant on m4a files (that's MPEG4-AAC created by Nero, QuickTime, vlc, etc.). Whatever I do, Mp3tag will not write the total number of tracks to the file (e.g. 03/12).

Can anybody confirm this behaviour? - Thanks a lot!

Edit: Aditional research: 2.35 stable works fine on the same file, so I guess the problem is not related to the file in particular.

It will, but not in the old fashion, but will use the standard TOTALTRACKS field for that which is also what iTunes (and fb2k?) does.

I see, thanks, Sebastian! :slight_smile: - Am I right to assume that was introduced in 2.35b?

One more thing (or rather two :wink:):

(1) I completely agree that a consistant handling of the TOTALTRACKS field by iTunes, FB2K and Mp3tag is a rather good thing. I wonder though if Mp3tag's GUI, in particular the input fields on the left shouldn't be modified then: With the new handling of TOTALTRACKS there now is no direct view of how many tracks your album has - in other words: The information on TOTALTRACKS that could be found within the TRACK field prior to 2.35b (?) (e.g. 03/12) would now have to be retrieved via View -> Tags... individually for each track. A rather time-consuming solution I think - or am I doing something wrong here?

(2) Wouldn't a sort of Transition Assistant for - well, let's call them - "legacy tags" be a good idea? - I have used Mp3tag's TRACK/TOTALTRACK format since the very beginning and now I have literally hundreds of tracks that I would like to have the new format as well ...


Since 2.35b you can also add your own fields to the tag panel.

I am not 100% sure since I don't have any files using the older notation, but maybe simply resaving all tags will do what you want or you can use a Format values action and tell it to write %_total% in the TOTALTRACKS field.

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