[X] Track numbering problem in Windows 7 64bit

I installed 2.49b on Windows 7 Professional 64b. I use the auto numbering wizard to give new numbers to a large number of tracks - it works perfect. But after having stored the new info and looking at the file properties in Explorer I discovered an issue. From track 1 to 9 it looks OK, but track 10 is numbered as 8 in Explorer, 11 as 9, 12 as 10, 13 as 11, ....., 27 as 23, and so forth. Checking again in MP3tag the tracknumbering looks as intended. But the bottom line is that it is not correct in Windows and on my MP3-player.

This is a known bug as you can see in
Padding Track Num, Scrambled.

more of Windows, though ...

Known for almost a year....hmmm....

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