[X] Tracks not opening in MP3Tag

I have a weird bug where some tracks numbered 2-9 won't open in MP3Tag. This occurs whether I open the directory through mp3tag or through the explorer context menu or drag all the files into the mp3tag window. The weird thing is that if I change the track number for the tracks that don't open to something above 10, then mp3tag will open them and let me edit everything. This doesn't happen all the time either, just on random albums here and there. I checked if there are APE tags in the files and there aren't, I also unchecked reading of APE tags in the mpeg options, that didn't help resolve the problem either.

EDIT: Actually, the files won't open if I change the track number to anything other than in the 1,10-19 range for the albums that don't work

EDIT 2: It appears that renumbering to that range doesn't always work either :confused:

Could you check if you have accidentally applied a filter containing a "1"

Hmm, in post #2 ohrenkino assumes that there might be a Mp3tag Filter involved.
Yes, you should proove that.
Is there any Filter active? Press [F3] to toggle Filter on/off state and see what happens.
Do you see the Filter window docked on at any side at your current screen view?
Does the Filter window has been dragged out of the current screen view (accidentally onto a second monitor)?
What information do you get from the Mp3tag status line?
See there:

Is there any hint how many files are totally loaded and how many files are currently in view?


You guys are awesome! Yeah I was going to mention that sometimes it would say 4/13 on the bottom right but I wasn't sure if that meant it couldn't read the files or something, but yes, there was a filter of 1, I cleared it and it worked.

Thanks so much!

No bugs here, as always, user error

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