[X] TTA's sometimes do not display tags in Winamp

I am using TTA Audio Decoder v3.5 (x86) plugin for Winamp 5.666 on Windows 7 x64

And I have noticed that sometimes [for approximately 25% of files] tags are not shown in Winamp. But those tags are visible in Mp3tag; they can even be copied to a file bearing the exact same filename but in other format [when they become visible A-OK]. But in Winamp they are completely absent. Nothing is displayed either in the Playlist window, File Info Components or on the left side [where the control buttons are]; also no metadata is shown when I click the "scrolling title" [because nothing is nothing scrolling because there is no title, just a bare filename and not what I have required via the Advanced Tittle Formatting option]

And I just cannot see any pattern. I have checked out if diacritic signs can be the issue and if a name of a folder is to blame. I ruled out both the possibility of a file being corrupted and the name of the file being the issue by converting such TTA "without" tags to WAV, cutting it in half, saving it with a different name and converting the data once more to TTA- after coping the "invisible" tags to that new one from the original they were still not shown; but when I copied to that new [cut in half] TTA file tags from some working TTA file [from that group of ~75% that has no issues] such tags were shown

I just cannot figure this out. Some cases are extremely strange- in that the were created a bunch of TTA files in the same session, like for the same album- and so they have very similar tag values in them and yet some files are shown exactly as they should be and some completely disregards my tag

This most likely is not the fault of Mp3tag; unless some weird combination of tag fields values and of filename is causing this and unless in case of TTA format something is not shown via the Extended Tags icon [and also is not purged with my cleaning action that leaves only the data in tag fields listed by me, thus wiping out everything from every field not used by me - because I see nothing extraordinary under the Extended Tags when I check those not properly working files]. But maybe there was a similar issue with some other format somewhere in the past; and so someone can point me to a possible right direction with this? [Yes, I am already posting this bug also on the Winamp forum]

I use FLAC, MP3, WV and lately TTA. And only the TTA'a has this issue; and only around 1/4 of them

I have finally found the reason for all that odd behavior:

If even one tag field has more than 61 character, then if this happens to be a file in the TTA format, Winamp is not able to display tag fields correctly

For example [what I can attest too]:

  • if you have 62 or more characters in the TITLE tag field, then only the ARTIST and ALBUM tags are displayed in the File Info Component area; but the display of tags in Playlist and Ticketbar [Toolbar mode] are unaffected
  • if you have 62 or more characters in the ARTIST tag field, then only the ALBUM tag is displayed in the File Info Component area; but the display of tags in Playlist and Ticketbar [Toolbar mode] are unaffected
  • if you have 62 or more characters in the ALBUM tag field, then nothing is displayed in either File Info Component, Playlist or Ticketbar area; you only get the plain FILENAME in the Playlist and Ticketbar [Toolbar mode]

So is this the fault of Winamp or of the TTA format itself?


I would also like to add my latest finding concerning TTA and Winamp: also when the GENRE tag has a lot of data, the YEAR tag is also not displayed in Winamp. [And YEAR is also not displayed when TITLE is too long etc.]

Ans here is what is more important: all those fields are not displayed by Winamp [both by via File Info Component and Advanced Title Formatting], because file info [ALT + 3] shows them as being empty. [And as always the moment the data is shortened in Mp3tag they are displayed by Winamp when re-loaded into it]

So maybe after all it is the fault of Mp3tag; the way it saves those long tags in TTAs?

One test would be to load the same TTA files in foobar2000 with foo_input_tta. If it also displays truncated data or missing fields it's even more likely that it's a bug in Mp3tag.

So instead of continuing to post assumptions, if you see that Mp3tag writes buggy ID3v2 data to TTA files, please provide a (non-copyrighted) example file for me to fix it. If you just notice that Winamp's implementation of their TTA input plugin is buggy (or at least makes simplified assumptions about what ID3v2 tags look like), then it has nothing to do with Mp3tag.

I did a check up with foobar2000 v1.3.17 and TTA Audio Decoder by kode54 [v3.5]

It does not have the same problem as Winamp- the same file that does not display YEAR in Winamp is visible in foobar2000

Yes I made assumption so that maybe others would do something more with it- either debunk it or use them as a basis for some test; be it now or in some future. And you did point me in the right direction

I do not think that this will be necessary, because

[and which also goes along with that test did by me just now with foobar2000]

That how it looks like, as with that other issue described by me in that other topic that I cannot mention here because it will be removed from here as crossposting irrelevant to this issue

And if that is the answer / comment from the Mp3tag creator then that is what I can use on Winamp forum, as a confirmation of my findings [achieved with those test of exceeding 62 characters and comparing behavior in Winamp versus foobar2000]. So thak you @Florian for achieving this state of facts

[I also tried contacting some time ago TTA creators but I got no answer]

No. As I've mentioned multiple times — this issue here is different from the WMA issue you're experiencing.

And no need to cite me on this over at the Winamp forums. You can just describe, what you've now observed by simply testing your issue against a known-to-be-robust implementation (i.e., foobar2000 and Mp3tag).

My assumption is, that Winamp has no shared service for ID3v2 tag reading and writing and instead the Winamp TTA plugin has it's own implementation (which apparently has some limitations).

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