[X] Two bugs

Tag Sources > CoverArt > Amazon.de brings incorrect window (Amazon.de tags)


As shown in this picture, the bottom scrollbar offsets the list. Numbers no longer neatly align.

Sorry, cannot see any picture, please attach the picture directly to your post.


Thank you for attaching your screenshot, now I see.
You have displayed a known quirk:
the list controls are not synchronized when the content does not fit into one window of the list control.

You may adjust the width of the columns in the list control (see following post from Dano).
If your screen supports it, then there is a way to prevent the bad situation:
enlarge the entire dialog window.

Bad situation ...

Better situation ... (note the column width resize bars)

Better situation ...


Yes, I had to stretch it across two monitors on one occaision... :flushed:

The easier solution is to increase the column width in the window with no horizontal scrollbar so it also gets a scroll bar.
That means on your .hack//SIGN... example, increase the width of the filename column (by dragging the right border of the column header) so both areas have the horizontal scrollbar.

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