[X] TYER/TDAT Year field bug?


Since the change was introduced in 2.53

I have a problem with it.

I saved the date before the Change like this:

TYER: 1991
TDAT: 1991-00-00 (I know not tagfield conform)

Now Mp3Tag shows this in the Year field as 1991-00-00

But after resaving the DD will be cut if it is 00.

1991-00-00 -> 1991-00
1996-03-00 -> 1996-03

and so on.

Is this intended behaviour or a bug?

It's intended behavior. It's not that less information is stored in the tag — TYER will have 1996 and TDAT will have 0003 (ID3v2.3 uses DDMM format internally).

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