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When I use a conversion program to convert a music file from WMA to WAV format a new WAV file is created. I use Audio Converter2 for this. The newly created WAV file cannot be loaded and does not display the files in the file viewer. As the files have a file name they should be displayed in File Viewer. This seems to be a bug. If I now use a music editor program that can also write MP3 files and adds tags to the output file then Mp3Tag can load and display a MP3 file.
In Summary: WAV files without (any) tags cannot be displayed or edited. Files containing one or more attributes as tags can be loaded, displayed and edited. What are supported file formats? Help menu does not specify

Definitely no bug.
See http://help.mp3tag.de/main_formats.html (which is the help) for supported formats.
WAV is not among them.
You can add the extension *.wav in Tools>Options>Tags
but still can't tag them.

Why you are doing this conversion? This only costs more disk space.
Mp3tag today is not able to tag WAV files fitting to the inner data structure of WAV files (RIFF chunks).
But Mp3tag supports tagging of FLAC files, which are losslessly compressed WAV files.

Read Mp3tag help manual overview, first paragraph.
You may load any filetype into the Mp3tag listview, but this does not mean, that Mp3tag would support tagging for unsupported filetypes, see Mp3tag/Extras/Options/Tags/Filetypes.

Using "ffmpeg.exe" you may convert WMA file to FLAC file, then apply Mp3tag to tag the FLAC file.
Example commandline ...
-i "06_YouGottaSayYesToAnotherExcess_Yello_YGSYTAE_1983.wma"
-threads 3
-f flac

... or create a tool within Mp3tag ...
ffmpeg.exe -i "%_filename%.wma" "%_filename%.flac"


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