[X] Unusally behavior for Length tag

I load a single song in mp3tag v2.42e (same behavior in v2.42). The display panel shows a song length of 07:09 (this is correct!). I change the genre tag and save tags (any tag field change will do). The display panel value for length is still correct. I now change the tag I go back and "change directory" to the same location to reload the file in mp3tag. The length for the song now changes to 37:52.

This is now the permanent entry for the song length.

I've now witnessed this behavior on multiple CDs (I noticed it when I exported CD information and
discovered a number of CDs that had total lengths beyond ~80 minutes.

I can send an example mp3 file if that would help. see screen dump files "startup" and "after"


startup.pdf (16 KB)

after.pdf (16.1 KB)

more study indicates that this may be related to mp3 tag version

originally the "View > Extended Tags..." shows ID3v1 (ID3v1)
after change it shows ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)

not sure what is the appropriate approach to "fix" matters after the


Not a mp3tag bug but rather the differences between ID3 tag versions...
not sure how to more readily recognize the issue prior to discovering
it later, but it is not a bug in mp3tag...

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