[X] Upgrade problems with Mp3tag's installer

Hi Florian,

today I discovered what I think could be a minor problem with Mp3tag's installer, at least for these who upgrade the application on a regular basis: While installing the new Mp3tag V.2.29 build I had forgotten to close the old Mp3tag v2.28d Development Build, in other words build V.2.28d was still running. Obviously the V.2.29 installer did not check the system for running instances of Mp3tag since its progress bar went at least to Mp3tag.exe. Since Mp3tag.exe was still running (albeit in an earlier build) it couldn't write the file to Mp3tag's folder, of course. Hence I had to abort installation and restart the installer a second time.

When I did so, the installer had apparently messed up all settings of my previous installation and I had to determine once again whether I wanted Mp3tag to create entries within the start menu, whether it should install the Explorer context menu-extension, the Quick Pick extension, etc.

So maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to let the installer check the task list for running Mp3tag instances before it starts installing a new build?

Regards & thanks

petit prince

I'm already checking for running final versions, but not for Development Builds.

Since the only way of checking if an application is running in NSIS is enumerating the open windows and comparing their captions, checking for Development Builds (possibly V.X.XXa - V.X.XXz) would slow down the installation.

I'll mark this as "No bug", but I'm looking forward to find a better solution.

Best regards,
~ Florian

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