[X] Use of MP3GAIN stops MP3TAG reading tags

If MP3GAIN is used to set the level of an MP3 file, then tag fields MP3GAIN_MINMAX, MP3GAIN_UNDO, REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN and REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_PEAK are added. From that point, if I open the MP3 file in MP3TAG it does not display any tag information. However dbpowerAMP sees all of the tag info without problem, and if I open the MP3 file with dbpowerAMP's EditTag, but then hit 'OK' without changing any tag fields, MP3TAG is then able to read the tags. It seems that dbpowerAMP is reordering the fields in the tags. But why is MP3TAG sensitive to this ordering?

I've can supply a file showing the symptoms, but the forum won't let me attach it.

It depends on which read options you have enabled in MP3Tag.
My guess is that MP3Gain writes the fields you mentioned in APEv2 tags while your files have the artist, title, etc. information stored inside ID3v2 tags. If MP3Tag is set to display APEv2 tags, it will only find those MP3Gain fields in there and therefore only display those.

Yes and no. MP3TAG has two 'Tags' settings under Tools/Options, each with checkboxes for APE. For the 'Mpeg' settings (which are presumably most relevant), it says that MP3TAG reads in order ID3v1, ID3v2 then APE. I have been running MP3TAG with all tags enabled for reading and writing, in the belief that this maximises the ability for MP3TAG to comprehend all kinds of tags. However, the problem certainly goes away if I disable reading APE tags in the Mpeg section (it is insensitive to what is set in the 'Ape, Mpc ...' section). This suggests to me that when it gets around to reading the APE tag, if it finds a field missing, it discards the previously read information from the ID3v1 & v2 tags, which I would have thought was best described as an unfortunate behaviour. <_<

The tag settings refer to the file types. MPEG is mp3 only, the other is for Musepack and Monkey's Audio files which mostly use only APE tags.
So the 2 sections are unconnected.

For MPEG the reading order is APEv2 ID3v2 ID3v1
Mp3tag always displays only 1 of these tag formats.

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