[X] Using DEL in input field not possible

I've been trying my hands on defining an export and encountered a slight problem

I was creating a name template in Tools>Options>Export and needed to delete some extraneous characters. SO I Hit DEL and saw my just created export definition getting deleted instead...

While working in the list of export scripts, pressing [DEL] is the same as clicking the symbol :mt_delete: to remove an entry from the list of script names.
You can edit the name of an export script by clicking into the current selected menu line or by pressing [F2], to set the current line into edit mode.
You can find this keyboard behaviour on other places in Mp3tag too, e. g. in the tracklist window.
Keyboard shortcutes are explained in the help manual, press [F1] see help page "options_export" or "main_keyboard".


This happens only if you also disabled warning messages when deleting objects.
(See Tools>Options>Messages for that)
Otherwise you would get a message box to confirm the deletion.

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