[X] USLT tag damaged

There is a program called LDB Manager (LDB means lyrics database) that stores lyrics in USLT tags. It uses somewhat non-standart format (not just text, but also timestamps, and a header), and Mp3tag can't really parse that.

But the real problem is that after I hit "Save" in Mp3tag, most of that USLT tag is destroyed - only 32 bytes saved, the lyrics gone.

Is it possible to keep that tag saved "as is", without changes?

Hex views of the file:


after Mp3tag

I can't open the images.

Mp3tag interpretes the USLT frame in a standard way and it seem that proprietary format of the other program is not written in a compatible way.

It's not possible to prevent Mp3tag from rewriting the tags when saving. This is by design.

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It's not just software, that format has a lot of hardware support.

For example, look how many iRiver players support it:

All Cowon players support it. Also Samsung and many others.

Please, reconsider...

P.S. one more try: image before, image after

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