[X] UTF-8 bug in 2.35m?

When I write tags in ID3 v2.4 (UTF-8) and put the MP3 files on my Cowon A2 PVP (cowonamerica.com), I get garbage.

However, if I use foobar2000 v0.9 (which also writes in ID3 v2.4) and write or update tags, they display fine.

Strange. It would be interesting to know what the little difference(s) are between a tag written by Mp3tag and foobar.
Generally I believe that both foobar and Mp3tag have a very proper and standards compliant implementation, so maybe this is really a bug, but oh well... believing things doesn't help much...

Sorry for asking: Are you sure that it's not a v1 Tag you are writing with foobar, because as far as I know foobar by default writes a v1 tag, while a v2.4 tag is added only when the information (one of the text strings) you entered is longer than 30 characters and thus does not fit in a v1 tag. I recommend that you make sure your files ONLY contain v2 tags, an (additional) v1 tag is misleading - the player might read this one instead if it does not understand v2.4 UTF-8 (which is very likely with portables).

Yes, as Klaas already pointed, foobar2000 0.9 writes ID3v1 tags if the information fits in an ID3v1 tag (see FAQ). You can change tag version on a per file basis via 'Tagging > MP3 tag types' from the fb2k context menu.

And for the record: I'm not aware of any differences in ID3v2.4 writing between Mp3tag and foobar2000. Seems like your player is missing support for ID3v2.4 with UTF-8.

Since there is no feedback on this issue, I'm marking this as "No bug".

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