[X] v2.37a Not Seeing and Not Deleting Certain ID3v2 Fields

Hi everyone,

I have noticed this a few times before and I think it is a bug. Ok I am running winamp version 2.95 (last one before version 3) and I put a bunch of mp3's into mp3tag and I looked at the comments of the songs and saw nothing. Well I deleted all the fields regardless. I then played the songs in winamp and saw comments in the ID3v2 section. I went back to mp3tag and nothing. I also noticed there was also words in the composer section in winamp and yet not in mp3tag.

Took a screen cap of winamp those 2 fields don't show any content in mp3tag.

Have you checked the tag with [Alt+T] ?
What does it show after "Tags - " in this window?

Hi Dano,

I am seeing this:

Tags - ID3v2.3(ID3v1 Lyrics3v2 ID3v2.3)

Dano just guessing here but it seems that the info is inside the Lyrics3v2. Is there anyway to automatically have mp3tag auto delete Lyrics3v2 tags? I know if i hit ctrl+r it will delete all the tags in there but was wondering if there was a filter way of doing it? I can't tell what has and doesnt have Lyrics3v2 tags all the time without checking in winamp.

You can change the settings for Ctrl+R in Options > Tags > Mpeg
There's the "Remove" part at the bottom. If you only select ID3v1 Mp3tag deletes ID3v1 and Lyrics3v2

You can also make a new column with a value like $if(%_tag%,%_tag_read% (%_tag%),No TAGS!) to quickly see what tag types you have.

Hey Dano, thanks for the reply again.

Ok so I went to Tools/Options/Tags-Mpeg
I have these values currently: (*Denotes checked)

*ID3v2.3 UTF-16


Then I right clicked on the columns and "customize columns" and added this:
Name: lyrics
Value: $if(%_tag%,%_tag_read% (%_tag%),No TAGS!)
Sort by:

Which then showed me a new column with type of tag (eg. ID3v2.3 (IDrv1 ID3v2 APEv2))

Ok so in the above example there is and APEv2 tag so I would like to know how can I get rid of that and or Lyrics3v2 tags with say an action? Or maybe I should say is that even possible?

Ok So I get the first part of what you are saying but I am a bit confused about the second part.

"You can also make a new column with a value like $if(%_tag%,%_tag_read% (%_tag%),No TAGS!) to quickly see what tag types you have."

I right clicked

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