[X] v2.38-2.39: not showing last character


After saving tags in v. 2.38-2.39 phone does not show last symbols... :frowning:
Bug was founded on this forum...
I don't speek in English... :frowning:
Anybody speek in Russian?

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This is most likely due to a change in Mp3tag v2.38

If your phone has problems with this, it's unfortunately a bug in your phone software and not in Mp3tag.

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Probably.... but in v. 2.36 this bug is absent... %)
maybe do you can special edition for phone? =)


I strongly feel that this should be an option in Mp3tag "Write ID3v2 tags with terminating 0". In other posts it's been brought up that the ID3 spec could be interpretted a few different ways and it seems that some hardware manufacturers have interpretted it another way. This way users can select that option should there be problems.

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