[X] v2.38 - Filename - Tag - Not working

I am using windows 2003, and I can't use the feature of extracting filname to title. I am talkin about the "Filename - Tag" button.

Is there any other way to set title = filename?

However, it works fine on my laptop with XP pro.

Is your format string %title% ?

Yes this is exactly what I have. In the 'Filename - tag' dialog box I can see the preview of the filename. But once I click on okie, nothing happens.

Here is the output when I click preview button:

For one files
"D:\eng songs\Artists\B2k\You Can Get It.mp3" ->
filename: You Can Get It

For 2 or more files
"D:\eng songs\Artists\2pac\Words My First Born.mp3" ->
filename: Words My First Born

"D:\eng songs\Artists\Beyonce\Work It Out.mp3" ->
filename: Work It Out

If you had entered %title% in the box the preview would show
"D:\eng songs\Artists\B2k\You Can Get It.mp3" ->
title: You Can Get It

and not filename:

yes this seems to be working. But I though we have to use %filename^.

Anyways Thank you.

You can delete this topic I guess.

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