[X] v2.39 - Comments Cut Short

Is it normal for long comments to be cut off to the length of the entry field? I have noted that longer comments get cut off when saving MP3 tags. The length of the comment is limited to the length of the entry field. The entire comment is shown, but then cut off when saving.

Are you writing ID3v2 or APEv2 tags? ID3v1 has a limitation of 30 characters per field (or 28 for comments when using track numbers).

I am writing APEv2 tags. I am reading IDEv1 and APE tags. The Write IDEv1 box is unchecked. Remove is checked for all three. I am new to the program, so forgive me if I am a little dense about tagging and some of the rules.

Hi Mark,

unfortunately, I can't reproduce it. Can you send me one file where you can reproduce this issue?

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The forum (no matter how small the file) will not let me send you the file I was working with. Tells me it's too big. But I don't think you need one of my files. I just loaded the test file into MP3T, and saved it with no changes, the comments section showed my full comment. I saved it without making any changes, and here is the really interesting part. MP3T shows the full comment when reloaded. Any other program that displays the file comment shows it as cut off. The two other programs that show the cut off comment is EZCD-DA, and MP3 Catalog Pro from Wiztech Software. I just checked, right clicking the file and checking it's properties shows the full comment. So does Winamp. I think that the catalog program and EZCD-DA is showing it as a V1 comments, and not reading it as a V2. I believe that you cannot reproduce the bug, because there is no bug to find. The bug is within the other software I am using.

The other programs probably don't support APEv2 tags. You can try ID3v2 as it has also no limitations on the comment length.

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