[X] v2.39a: Blanking fields in Extended Tags fails

When I want to remove tag fields from MP3s using the extended tags dialog, it fails, when it is either ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags being read (no APEv2 tags present in files).

Works as expected with APEv2.

PS:"fails" means they are left untouched, the old metadata is still there.

EDIT: Oh I have to enable "Write ID3v1 and ID3v2" in order for it to work?!? But I keep them disabled because I usually convert to APEv2, and I don't want to mistakenly write ID3 tags since ID3v2 take really long... when I keep ID3v1/2 writing enable and I edit the tag fields of an MP3 that was stripped off by these tags before, they get written back.

So after each edit an MP3+APEv2 file I have to press CTRL-R (my Remove settings: [x] ID3v1, [x] ID3v2, [ ]APEv2) afterwards for the damn ID3s to be removed again!

Florian, please can't you finally improve this? I have posted it so many times that the current Tag Options (Read/Write/Remove) means nothing but trouble. I have to go to "Options->Tag->Mpeg" much too often, it's so complicated and confusing, depending on what I want to do with the MP3s I have to change the settings there each time. :rolleyes:

I agree that the Undo "quirk" is not really user-friendly, but the problem you are describing here is not really Mp3tag's fault. If you want to remove fields from an ID3v2 tag, you will have to activate writing of ID3v2 tags - that is pretty logical.

Well, I didn't see it as illogical because I wanted to blank all tag fields and I have "removing of ID3 tags" enabled... removing all tag fields in the extended tag view will make Mp3tag effectively remove the entire tag. Tho I now know that completely removing a tag through blanking all fields isn't possible when writing that tag is disabled, it was a misconception on my part that I thought it would be possible because it works with CTRL-R.

I use this method ("blank all tags with extended tag view") to delete APEv2 tags, because I have removing of APEv2 tags disabled, since I use the CTRL-R functionality to remove ID3 tags a lot.

It's really complicated and I guess I use Mp3Tag in completely wrong way... :stuck_out_tongue:

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