[X] V2.43 Help topics not working

XP Pro, Mp3tag V2.43

If I choose something from the Help menu, eg 'Contents...' instead of a page opening in my browser, my text editor (Kedit) gives me an error message:

Error 7: Invalid fileid: C:\Program Files~H-folder\Heidenreich-Mp3tag-V243\help\file:///C:/Program Files/~H-folder/Heidenreich-Mp3tag-V243/help/index.html

If I open the help-files directory in Windows Explorer and just double-click a .html file, that does get opened ok in the browser. It looks to me as if there's two questions - one is why the error message above has the Mp3tag directory path in it twice, the other is why Kedit is getting involved at all.

I have tried finding a .html file in a directory and using Open With... to force IE7 as the associated program, but that hasn't made any difference.

Mp3tag uses the program associated with *.html files to open the help file. The file:/// part comes from a fallback attempt if no associated program is found by Mp3tag.

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